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Goggles - How to fit and look after them.

Goggles - How to fit and look after them.

Do your goggles leave marks on your face?
Do they leak?
Do they steam up?

If you answered 'yes' like many of my friends you will find the following very helpful and hopefully never experience leaky or uncomfortable fitting goggles again.

  1. Push the goggles to your face without using the strap to create a vacuum so they stick to your face on there own.
  2. Now adjust the strap so it is comfortable. You won't need it to be tight as you know they seal in point 1. If you have it to tight you will have lines on your face for a week. 😀
  3. Make sure all hair and swimming caps are not under the goggle seal.
  4. Anti fog in goggles will eventually wear away so when this happens you will more than likely need to replace them.
  5. I have found the best way to look after my Anti Fog goggles is to:
    1. Rinse in fresh water after use
    2. Use a swimming chamois to pat dry
    3. Keep in a soft bag or cloth
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