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Christmas & 2021 Delivery Details
Christmas & 2021 Delivery Details


Camp is a leading company in the outdoor gear industry (Concezione Articoli Montagna Premana) and its history dates back to 1889, beginning in a small wrought iron workshop in Premana. With its three brands - CAMP, CASSIN AND CAMP SAFETY - Camp's products epitomise lightness and performance, along the lines of the 'light and fast' motto of contemporary alpinism.

When it comes to affordable, beginner climbing shoes, the Climbx brand is a great place to start.  Almost all of the Climbx Shoe models are far more inexpensive than other brands and the quality is very good considering the price.

Tendon & Cousin Trestec are well known for static and dynamic ropes and climbing equipment. Thanks to years of trading, along with continuous investment and development of manufacturing equipment, Tendon & Cousin Trestec are leaders in the industry.