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Dive in and explore our comprehensive range of swimwear and swimming accessories. Check out our comprehensive range of mens, womens and kids swimming costumes, swimming shorts and jammers, from performance to club level as well as casual leisure swimwear. For the latest swimming goggles for budget to elite swimmers. Stay afloat with kickboards, armbands, woggles and floatsuits. Swimming is great fun which is why we have an awesome choice of pool fun and games. Stick with Green Kiwi and enjoy top brands and exceptional prices for all things swimming.
  • Original price £5.95
    Current price £4.45

    SwimTech Sports Towel


    Super abssorbent. Absorbs 5 time faster than a regular cotton towel.  Provides Cooling Relief. Lightweight. Size: 43 x 32cm Blue

    Original price £5.95
    Current price £4.45
  • Original price £14.00
    Current price £10.92

    Speedo Sports Towel

    (More Options Available)

    Soft, super-absorbent, quick-drying material. Compact and lightweight. Easy to store and ideal for poolside or gym use. PVA foam.

    Original price £14.00
    Current price £10.92
  • Original price £16.00
    Current price £12.48

    Zoggs Elite Towel


    Our deluxe micro-fibre Elite Towel is an all purpose sport towel. It's super absorbent, quick drying and even remains soft to the touch after dryi...

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    Original price £16.00
    Current price £12.48