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Compressport - 3D Thermo - Tops - 3D Thermo Ultralight Racing Hoodie

Delivery: Jersey 2-4 Working Days

UK 4-7 Working Days

Colour: Black


- Ultralight - remains featherlight and does not retain water.

- Spin Control - this light compression area is directly woven into the fabric to ensure you have correct body positioning during long lasting effort and that your shoulders stay aligned. This will boost breathing capacity and improve oxygenation during effort and after effort will facilitate quick recovery.

- Ergo-Fit - perfect fit, maximising efficiency and comfort (no chafing).

- Thermo-Regulation - its unique weaving favours the circulation of the air and allows a perfect balance between the outside and the interior so the body remains the same temperature without rising or falling suddenly. A real protection in winter against cold and during the hot temperatures of summer.

- Seamless - for optimum comfort, the microfibre is 100% seamless lightweight and very soft.