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Compressport - Triathlon - Suits - TR3 Aero Trisuit Man

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Colour: Black

Qualified as the best shaped and the most practical compressive gear by professional triathletes, the TR3 Aero TriSuit is optimised for a perfect mix of aero-dynamism, comfort and compression. The 3D fibres in postural strip in the back provide maximum support to the whole backbone. Fatigue is alleviated while straight shoulders help open the rib cage for full capacity oxygenation.

Product Details

  • A seamless circular weaving redistributes pressure in such a way that strategic areas are well compressed.
  • Targeted compression limits fatigue, cramps and muscle tears.

  • What's special about the Aero TriSuit is it's new ultra-soft pad; foam regains it's shape out of the saddle for maximum comfort.
  • Multiple tiny perforations in the pad help evacuate water and sweat.
  • The super breathable pad provide unrivalled comfort and softness and optimal protection on the bike.
  • The silicone grips on the outer pad prevent slipping from the saddle and reinforce pedalling power to the finish line.


  • In this compressive thermo-regulation suit, the body is consistently kept at the same temperature.


  • Three pockets allow intelligent and accessible storage.