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Shockdoctor Multisports Mouthguard

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Colour: Black/Orange
  • Designed to offer the most comfortable fit and provide the best protection on the market, the Shock Doctor Ultra
  • Rugby sets a new standard for mouthguard technology. 
  • Exclusive new LOW TEMPERATURE fitting takes the hassle out of moulding, ideal for kids and adults alike. 
  • The unique low profile design fits precisely to the jaw and teeth creating a highly customised fit that doesn’t feel restrictive and uncomfortable in the mouth. 
  • Athletes at any level can now focus on the game ahead, breathe and communicate freely without the distraction of a bulky mouthguard getting in the way of their game. 
  • The Shock Doctor Ultra Rugby has been developed using over 20 years of Shock Doctor Mouthguard expertise and leadership. 
  • Comes with a $10,000 dental warranty. 
  • NEW LOW-TEMP FAST FIT: Using the latest in material technology the Ultra Rugby can be fitted using hot tap water. 
  • BIO-FIT DESIGN: Super low profile for ease of speaking and breathing during high levels of physical exertion. 
  • GEL FIT LINER: An essential layer for extra cushioning and superior custom fit. 
  • LOWER MOLAR INTEGRATION: Gel window provides upper and lower jaw molar interlock when clenched for added jaw protection.