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Zoggs Ultra Fins

by Zoggs
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  • Zoggs Ultra Blue Fins are dual density co-moulded silicone blade fins specifically engineered for optimum propulsion, performance and comfort.
  • The foot is soft for a customised fit and features grip underneath and a tab on the heel for ease putting them on.
  • The silicone blade is rigid and durable, creating a balanced and natural rhythmic kick as well as a reduction in muscle fatigue on the calves so you are less likely to experience cramping post swim.
  • The short blade means that even in busier swimming pools, you can focus on your kick technique without catching the blades on the environment around you.
  • Available with a handy mesh carry bag
  • Dual density short silicone blade
  • Engineered for optimum propulsion
  • Open toe for a more flexible fit
  • Handy mesh carry bag
  • Rigid blade creates natural rhythmic kick
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 100% moulded ultra-comfort silicone training finz

*Colours may vary depending on size